Rybak, reticence

One of the guys I’m working on Open Circuit with just posted a neat little video bit with Minneapolis mayor R. T. Rybak where he shows off his official city car, a plug-in Toyota Prius (yeah, that’s right, a regular Prius just wasn’t green enough for the guy…)

In other news, I’ve been finding that it’s not so easy to break into the non-profit community — still trying to get a Twin Cities Free Geek up and running, but with the reticence of those already in the non-profit sector (what, can’t stand to compete for funding with a minimally-skilled college dropout?) it’s kinda up-hill, trying to find space, funding, etc… ah, well. Someday.

These are the people in my neighborhood…

So I’m trying to catch up on the news of our “new” neighborhood… and (courtesy of great local blog Northeast Beat) I’ve discovered two lovely little facts:

1. We’re about 500 feet from Shoreham Yards, an “Industrial Business Park Opportunity Area” (and uber-polluted “Brownfield”)

2. There’s an abandoned house… oh, about a block away that, due to the owner’s admitted “stupidity” and “overeagerness” (hey, join the house-flipping revolution, Jim!) has remained vacant for a few years, and thus has become a hub for drug dealing, etc.