Everything is dirt.

I’m slowly learning that most corporations regard contract workers as something less than human. Case in point: my last job, for a major St. Paul firm that shall remain nameless. Anyway, I’d been there about 3 weeks, and then was gone for the flu for 2 days. The next morning, I was informed that this was regarded as “absenteeism”, and that I’d no longer be needed. It wasn’t a performance issue — my manager actually gave me a good reference! — it was simply viewed as intolerable that I should presume to come down with diarrhea and a hacking cough (both of which tend to make it difficult to sit around & answer phones for 8 hours on a helpdesk). So anyway, if someone wants a disgruntled 22 year old with a bunch of helpdesk & troubleshooting experience… I await your call.

Forgive the lack of humor, but my meds seem to be lost in the mail.

Money is like water.

I can’t seem to hold on to it… *things* are so much more valuable to me than the supposed security that savings offer. Case in point: the iBook that I’m typing this on. Should I have saved the money that was used to buy it? Probably… but a theorectical x-hundred dollar balance is much less real and amazing to me than a 6-pound piece of plastic and metal that plays my favorite music, lets me dabble in digital photography and image manipulation, and (as it’s doing right now) records my thoughts. In short, I’m a bad person. Heh.


Just found out that I’ve spent the last week walking around with a sticker on my back that says “honey cake” — presumably put there by my girlfriend during a recent excursion to our local office superstore (she just HAD to try out the label makers…) Thanks, hon’.

I’ve joined the horde: I now have an online journal. I’ll try not to let you all know that I’ve shaved, showered, etc. — I’ll let you assume all that. I’m gonna talk about important stuff, like how much my cat pissing on my new papasan annoys me, or how amazing I think yeast is. Anyway — enjoy (as much as that’s possible).