So, stupidly, I forget to check the bus map before I get off the bus, and wind up walking something like 2 1/2 miles home. And, ’cause it’s 80+ degrees here even at night in September , I get pretty sweaty. So people driving along keep honking at me (I can’t help but assume) because I’m visibly sweaty. Now, my question is, were they chastising me because they knew I was totally ignorant of Tucson’s bus routes, or because (heaven forbid) I was sweating? C’mon, I wanna know! Ah, forget it.

For once, had a great evening.

Saw two bands at First Avenue, one very good, one very… hmm.

The opening band (the “hmm…”) was Skyeclad. “Great”, I think, “Jain rock!”

I should be so lucky.

As it turned out, they were something like a shaven-headed Andy Richter fronting a three-chord death-metal quintet. To top it all off, the guitarist kept playing behind his head and pointing upwards at things that nobody else could see. All in all, a great band. Heh.

Fortunately, the main act, Savage Aural Hotbed, ROCKS. They’re kinda like the bastard children of Blue Man Group and Stomp. (If that doesn’t help, picture four guys in flame-retardent suits covered in pink and red rope lights banging on plastic barrels and playing a guitar with an angle grinder.) Plus I got buzzed on Red Bull (what a wuss, right?) So all in all, a pretty good evening.

Now, to sleep.

I’ve had nothing to say lately, largely because I’ve had nothing to DO. Even in a supposedly strong economy, nobody wants to hire a “drop-out” — might set a bad example for the kids of America if someone who hadn’t completed a socially-approved college curriculum worked on a corporate computer help desk, after all.

Thus, in the tradition of American paranoia, I’d like to propose a candidate for “Mark of the Beast”: the college diploma. Think about it. More so than even UPC symbols, it’s a necessity for conducting business today. Okay, I’ll grant you that it provides some assurance of the qualifications of the degree-holder. Still, is that comfort worth the stigma that our reliance on degrees puts on the have-nots, especiallly those who (like myself) have TRIED college, and for whatever reason it simply didn’t work for them.

Okay, so maybe I’m just bitter that school (at least the types that I’ve tried) doesn’t work for me. But maybe not.

Max-cat just did the most awful, noisy, silly thing: somehow, he managed to jump while entering a paper bag, resulting in a twitching, Max-filled bag arcing across the room. I wish I could sleep.

Sorry I’ve been bitchy lately, all. It’s just that being unemployed is kinda a drag for me, especially since my last employer seems unable to process my paychecks and give me the money that they owe me… so now I’m stuck at home with two hungry cats, not having done laundry in WEEKS, eating the same ramen-cheese-water diet that I have since god-knows-when, feeling like leaving school was a TOTAL mistake, but convinced that it was the only way to save my remaining sanity… anyway, sorry I’ve been less than congenial (and, probably, less than interesting) the past few weeks. Things are getting better, I think.