Binding to Active Directory with Ubuntu

Using the handy Likewise Open package, it’s actually pretty straightforward to bind your Ubuntu system to an Active Directory domain (allowing you to log in to the machine with your AD credentials, manage permissions on the Ubuntu machine by AD groups, etc.)

  1. Install the Likewise Open GUI (either via Software Center, or sudo apt-get install likewise-open-gui)
  2. Open the GUI:
  3. Enter the appropriate domain and computer names, and click Join
  4. Once you’ve joined the domain, any domain user should be able to log in using their AD username and password; however, they won’t be able to run administrative commands. To enable this, add a line similar to the following (replacing the group as needed) to the end of your /etc/sudoers file:
    %domain^users ALL=(ALL) ALL

    (note that this allows all authenticated AD users to use sudo; to restrict things a bit more, you could replace domain^users with, say, admins – or whatever your privileged group is named – replacing spaces with a “^”)

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