Everything is dirt.

I’m slowly learning that most corporations regard contract workers as something less than human. Case in point: my last job, for a major St. Paul firm that shall remain nameless. Anyway, I’d been there about 3 weeks, and then was gone for the flu for 2 days. The next morning, I was informed that this was regarded as “absenteeism”, and that I’d no longer be needed. It wasn’t a performance issue — my manager actually gave me a good reference! — it was simply viewed as intolerable that I should presume to come down with diarrhea and a hacking cough (both of which tend to make it difficult to sit around & answer phones for 8 hours on a helpdesk). So anyway, if someone wants a disgruntled 22 year old with a bunch of helpdesk & troubleshooting experience… I await your call.

Forgive the lack of humor, but my meds seem to be lost in the mail.

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